Farming for sustainable egg production

Rearing Farm

We have three of our own rearing houses to product First-Class pullets. They provide point-of-lay birds, both for our own poultry farms and for independent producers.

We have both Class 2 and Class 3 rearing facilities, this is where pullets are described as being “in rear” until they reach 16 weeks of age, at which point they’re transported to a laying farm. During their important rearing phase, our birds receive a comprehensive set of vaccinations to prepare and protect them through their laying life cycle.

Laying Farm

At Yaitzeprom we currently have two different systems for the production of eggs; Barn and Enriched Colony.

EU legislation for cage-laying hens was introduced in January 2012 and, in accordance with these higher standards, we have invested significantly to develop state-of-the-art, Enriched Colony Cage chicken houses. During recent years, we’ve placed more emphasis on improving our class of egg production and introduce aviary barn eggs as demand for higher standards of welfare for hens and chicks has increased.

Feed Milling

Originally set up to supply our own farms, the Milling Division has grown over the last 25 years in making us more self-sufficient.

We currently manufacture around 6,000 tonnes of feed every year from our feed mills, supplying all our poultry farms.

Ours is a modern, highly efficient feed mill, thanks to our continued investment in IT, infrastructure, manufacturing equipment, process control, vehicles and – most importantly – people.