for almost 30 years

Founded in 1993, Yatzeprom AD started its main activity in egg production in the village of Gluhar for consumers, with just 20,000 layer hens in 1 house. It now has grown to 140,000 layer hens across 8 houses and currently working to increase that capacity.

Over the first few years the Yaitzeprom continued to build a highly successful egg business and as we grew, so did our requirements and a few year later we built our own feed milling factory and developed our own recipe which guaranteed the well-being of the hen’s and therefore ensuring the quality and freshness of our eggs.

In 2003 Yaitzeprom became more self-sufficient by starting its own rearing from day old chicks to 16 week old pullets. Along with our expertise and onsite qualified veterinarians, it allowed us to provide them for our own and independent laying farms. We were now able to customise the rearing to best suit the development of our future layer hens and ensuring a high standard of well-being for our first-class pullets. Moreover, we have dedicated rearing support to safeguard a seamless transition from the rearing farm to the laying house.

Control of everything we put in and every egg we send out

During our long-term presence on the market, our company has established itself a name distinguished by our primary aim to produce safe, healthy and nutritious eggs that consumers will enjoy and so every year we work towards increasing our level of standards and due to our increasing demand for this. In 2014, Yaitzeprom with the help of European projects has started its own aviary barn houses to produce class 2 eggs in the Village on Momchilgrad. The hens have space to roam the barn and interact with each other and have perches on which to roost, as well as plenty of room to stretch their wings and wander freely. We have modernised our equipment working with “Big Dutchman” who are one of the leading European manufacturers of systems for general animal husbandry.

All our eggs produced on site meets strict codes for welfare, hygiene and traceability. Within minutes of arriving direct from the house the eggs are inspected, graded, packed, labelled, boxed and palletised at a rate of 48,000 eggs per hour ready for dispatch to customers. Eggs are available to leave our southern packing sites the same day, 365 days a year.

Today, Yaitzeprom pack approximately 800,000 eggs a week. Our eggs are sold to all types of establishments; from local shops to regional distribut0rs. So, wherever and whenever you eat a Yaitzeprom egg, you can be assured of the freshest, tastiest and healthiest eggs, laid by the most contented of hens.

Yaitzeprom is always committed to protecting the environment and helping to make egg consumption more sustainable. Modern day food production relies upon a combination of good husbandry and new technology. Each year, we have continued to re-invest in new innovative machinery and equipment making us more and more eco-friendly.

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